EOS Volcanology Logo Copyright Restrictions On Published Works

Some of our Data Product Documents are only available in paper copy form, to avoid copyright violation.

We have permission from the AGU Publications Office to give out paper copies of our Data Product Documents that have excerpts of text or figures from JGR papers we have authored, as long as the excerpts are properly referenced. We do not have permission from AGU to post electronic versions of the documents on the Web.

Some of our Data Product Documents will not be made available in any format, until after a paper has been published, to avoid violating a dual-publication rule.

We are planning on publishing some portions of text or figures from a few of our Data Product Documents in JGR or other journals. AGU and other publishers have a dual-publication rule. AGU's policy, from 1988 Eos Trans. AGU 69, page 942:

"AGU considers only original scientific contributions that have not been accepted or published elsewhere and are not under consideration by another publisher. A contribution is considered previously published if its data and conclusions are offered for sale or are generally available in other ways to the public. Regardless of the original publication medium, including print, magnetic tape, and microform, such contributions are not eligible for republication in AGU journals or books."
"In order for AGU to publish its journals and books in all their various formats, to grant permission to abstracting and indexing services to cover these publications, to authorize translations, and to grant permission for photocopying beyond the limits of fair use, AGU must have clear control of the copyright."

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