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Demonstrating that our EOS research is of value to the broader community is vital if EOS is to gain broad-based support. Here we see two views of the practical application of EOS research that is of help to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In the first image, Luke Flynn is using a portable field spectrometer to measure the surface temperatures of lava flows. This is part of our algorithm development work for real-time MODIS detection of eruptions. In the second view (below), we see the instrument at work on top of an active lava tube on Kilauea Volcano. The National Park and U.S. Geological Survey in Hawaii are interested in the identification and monitoring of these lava tubes; our technique development is the precursor to the use of airborne and spaceborne thermal instruments that make such measurements of lava tubes, which will help these other agencies in their day-to-day work. Photos by Pete Mouginis-Mark.

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