EOS Volcanology Logo 3. Air Photos

Slide set compiled by Pete Mouginis-Mark, University of Hawaii

SLIDE #1 (113K)
Summit caldera of Mt. Pinatubo, Nov. 1999. The low-point in the rim is a future hazard as the lake will eventually over-top here.

SLIDE #2 (175K)
Typical view of eastern flank, Nov. 1999

SLIDE #3 (141K)
Erosion of ignimbrite fan on NW. flank, November 1999

SLIDE #4 (173K)
Erosion of river valley on the northern flank, Nov. 1999

SLIDE #5 (118K)
Sediment fills valley floor downslope on lower E. flank November 1999

SLIDE #6 (212K)
Detail of lahar-filled valley E. flank, Nov. 1999
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