EOS Volcanology Logo 4. Field Photos

Slide set compiled by Pete Mouginis-Mark, University of Hawaii

SLIDE #1 (174K)
Exploring eroded valley, SW flank, Nov. 1999

SLIDE #2 (115K)
Crossing the sediment-laden streams is a real challenge! So much sediment is in these streams that they easily knock you over.

SLIDE #3 (55K)
Valley erosion can be extreme in places: Up to 20 m down-cutting during one typhoon! This mosaic shows the remains of the 1991 deposit (white unit) that has been cut by younger flash floods.

SLIDE #4 (142K)
Erosion within the 1991 deposit.

SLIDE #5 (161K)
Erosion of 1991 deposit.

SLIDE #6 (133K)
Amazing landscapes!

SLIDE #7 (170K)
Vegetation is starting to grow back on western fan. Summit of Mt. Pinatubo in background.
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