EOS Volcanology Logo 5. Lahars

Slide set compiled by Pete Mouginis-Mark, University of Hawaii

SLIDE #1 (99K)
Major changes in valley floor elevation after single lahar has formed after typhoon.

SLIDE #2 (118K)
The impact on villages within the path of a lahar can be extreme.

SLIDE #3 (87K)
While old houses are buried, new homes are built on stilts to try to avoid the next lahar.

SLIDE #4 (83K)
An old church has been partially-buried so that you now enter on the 2nd floor. Ronnie Torres shows the church prior to the lahars.

SLIDE #5 (114K)
Giant dikes made from old lahar and covered with concrete now try to protect areas from new lahars.

SLIDE #6 (82K)
The contrast between areas protected by the dikes and unprotected is striking -- and it's all an issue of insurance for redevelopment!

SLIDE #7 (99K)
Some homes, once buried by lahar, and now being exposed by recent erosion
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