EOS Volcanology Logo 8. Taal Volcano

Slide set compiled by Pete Mouginis-Mark, University of Hawaii

SLIDE #1 (166K)

SLIDE #2a (209K)
RADARSAT scansar beam 1 (50 m/pixel) image of Taal Volcano and surrounding area.

SLIDE #2b (386K)
Space Shuttle radar (SIR-C/X-SAR) multi-wavelength (3, 5.6 and 24 cm) image of northern part of Taal Volcano.

SLIDE #3 (78K)
View of Lake Taal and Volcano Island from north rim, Nov. 1999.

SLIDE #4 (125K)
NW corner of Lake Taal.

SLIDE #5 (132K)
Over 4,000 people live without permission on the shores of Volcano Island.

SLIDE #6 (90K)
In the event of an eruption of Taal, all the population would have to leave Volcano Island via small boats.

SLIDE #7 (114K)
View of the volcanic lake in middle of Volcano Island (middle of Lake Taal).

SLIDE #8 (145K)
In Fall 1999, this vent on Volcano Island was actively geysering. It was quiet in November 1999.

SLIDE #9 (100K)
Close-up view of recently active vent on Volcano Island, in the middle of Taal Volcano.

SLIDE #10 (174K)
Even around the rim of Lake Taal, people and their fish farms are at risk from tsunamis generated by eruptions.
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